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4BRAIN is a developer of an online service of educational programs and courses aimed at developing various mental skills. Читать далее
Jalinga is a developer of technologies for distance education that can be used to record video lectures, video instructions, video presentations, as well as conduct webinars. Читать далее
Examus is a platform for remote student monitoring and verification of online exams. Читать далее
NewCampus is a modern growth and leadership school. We aim to bring accessible business education to anyone, anywhere, through livestreamed classes, conferences and mentoring sessions led by diverse global experts. Читать далее
TutGood is a tutor search service for schoolchildren with online help and regular classes in all subjects by subscription. Читать далее
Gear is a translation management platform powered by AI to help industrial and tech companies streamline their multilingual communications Читать далее
TagHive is a spin-off technology company from Samsung Electronics, based in South Korea. We are on a mission to boost everyday learning experiences by making learning in class & at home smart and interactive with our Class Saathi solution. Читать далее
LINC provides education support services to help higher education institutions retain and grow their online students. Our services are customised for each institution to deliver effective student learning experience. Читать далее
dTosh offers an educational package that combines a unique online learning platform, systematic teaching materials, and trusted professional teachers. Читать далее
Soraharu offers online coaching and counseling platform for small businesses and individual therapists. In addition to the counseling interface, it offers functions such as payment, medical records, and referrals. Читать далее
Nuvo ED is a cloud-based marketplace platform. Specializing in matching learners at home with certified educators. Читать далее
Our Wave Hub is a Canadian ed-tech organization that was born out of a vision to reimagine education to enable people and organizations to navigate our rapidly changing workforce. Читать далее
PRISM - The centralized registration, communication, tracking and reporting platform used by School Boards, Colleges and Consortium. Читать далее
QueenB is a non-profit organization where computer science students are teaching mid-school girls how to code, and CS students get special opportunities and guidance building their resume, acquiring experience, and eventually entering the industry. Читать далее
Tingo is an online language learning platform focused on creating programs that are fully tailored to the needs and interests of the companies and to customizable curricular plans so that its employes learn languages quickly, practically and with results. Читать далее
Akademika develops educational IT solutions, methodological guides, and training materials. Читать далее
Happy Nappy is a developer of a service for group educational online classes and preparation for school for children from 3 to 7 years old. Читать далее
Unpharm is a mobile platform - online university of pharmaceutical careers. Читать далее
Online learning marketplace for educational content (Online Course & eBooks) The premise for Cloudsity is to create a one stop for all training/educational content. Cloudsity is an open source marketplace where you can purchase video courses, eBooks and resources to aid in the process of learning new skills or expanding your current skill set. All forms of learning material will be saved for you to access at any time to review or continue on in your learning process. Читать далее
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