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Azar helps users overcome the stress of being cooped up all day by letting them connect over video chat with people from 190 countries around the world. Читать далее
Rsupport is offering startups and other corporations free use of its remote meeting solution to help them overcome the crisis. Читать далее
Miso is an online and mobile marketplace that allows customers to book on-demand cleaning services. Users can schedule a date and time for cleaning, and platform matches it with cleaning professionals available in that area. Читать далее
CloudHospital is a robust online platform helping patients around the world find the best providers for their needs regardless of where they are located. Читать далее
PayPal is a credit card + bank transfer integrated payment service that removes all the obstacles to your convenience. Читать далее
TagHive is a spin-off technology company from Samsung Electronics, based in South Korea. We are on a mission to boost everyday learning experiences by making learning in class & at home smart and interactive with our Class Saathi solution. Читать далее
Ahram Biosystems has developed the Palm PCR, a battery-powered, palm-size mobile PCR machine. This unprecedented device features a fully mobile, stand-alone thermocycler that delivers PCR amplification with high speed and sensitivity in a small handheld format. Its authentic battery-powered automated operation, simple and convenient protocol, and high efficiency make it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Читать далее
Deep Bio Inc. provides the solutions for medical unmet needs using deep learning technology focused on digital pathology. Читать далее
Kokkiri, a meditation app, takes another approach, helping people find inner peace in these times of woe. Some 30 mediation and psychology specialists took part in the service’s production, most notably the best-selling author and Buddhist monk Hyemin Sunim, who is a lead content creator on the platform. Читать далее
LaundryGo, lets you place your dirty clothes in a “smart box” in front of your door for pickup. The service providers collect the box after midnight, wash your clothes, and deliver them in the box to your door by midnight the next day. Читать далее
Millennium Destinations is an impact enterprise aimed at promoting inclusive societies and resilient economies through supporting businesses and organization willing to make a positive difference. Читать далее
Rootee Health's goal is to bring greater capacity of healthcare delivery to better serve the population. We provide a technology that enables eye examination in areas where ophthalmic infrastructure is not reached. Читать далее
Aliseon is a crossborder ecommerce platform based on video content. Читать далее
BioCore developed a CE-certified COVID-19 diagnostic kit which is an RT-PCR kit that is applied to the DNA of bacteria, viruses and fungi and used for the diagnosis of infectious diseases. Читать далее
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