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Dragonpay provides alternative online payment solutions to businesses of all sizes. Through our gateway, customers can purchase goods or services online, and pay for it using cash or check at physical, brick-and-mortar payment counters, ATM's, mobile wallets or through online bank debit. Developing countries like the Philippines have very low penetration of credit cards and banking in general. This makes alternative payments an important part of any online selling strategy. Читать далее
ZipMatch is an online real estate marketplace in the Philippines that aims to empower home ownership. Through content and new technologies, we aim to make some aspects of the home buying process easier and more efficient. Читать далее
PayMongo (YC S19) is a financial technology company that allows businesses in the Philippines to accept payments of all types in a matter of minutes. Читать далее
MetroMart is the #1 online grocery delivery service in the Philippines. Get your groceries delivered to your door in 2 hours! Читать далее
Transit directions in Metro Manila: Jeepneys, trains, buses P2P, UV express, shuttles, Pasig River Ferry, and more! Читать далее
Angkas is a motorcycle ride-hailing platform helping tackle transport mobility for Filipinos where country traffic is some of the highest in the world. Читать далее
ChatGenie is at forefront of Mini App revolution where online transactions are being facilitated within non-conventional eCommerce platforms like social media, messaging, live streaming, and mobile wallet apps. Читать далее
COCOTEL is a chain of 1-3-star hotels, resorts, and beach front properties that provides quality rooms at a fraction of the cost. Читать далее
MYKUYA is a on-demand labor & services marketplace that empowers consumers to access help and enables enterprises to use its workforce management tools in one super app. Читать далее
We are a dynamic and progressive payment collection company that is determined to be the most convenient, trusted, reliable and efficient automated network of unmanned payment system. Читать далее
Zagana is an online platform for fresh vegetables and fruits direct from our local farmers here in the Philippines. Читать далее
Pandalivery is a hyperlocal food delivery solution designed for the Philippine market. Читать далее
Maharlikart is an online food and grocery marketplace that aims to help, support, and promote small local businesses in the Philippines Читать далее
REBEL is a health & fitness app providing online fitness and meditation classes as well as healthy recipes. Читать далее
Kahon.ph offers affordable and flexible storage solutions with our storage boxes and spaces for rent. Читать далее
Ofoodie recreates your dining experience in two different ways: Direct to Restaurant and In-Mall Concierge. Читать далее
Founded in the United States in 2013, Qwikwire is in the business of providing comprehensive solutions for enterprises to help them globalize their business. From SaaS property management solutions, SAP-integrated billing and invoicing systems, cross-border settlements via licensed remittance channels, to property listing via our blockchain powered multi-listing engine. QWIKWIRE provides full customer support for all our enterprise clients. This includes providing new updated technology to all customers as per their needs and requests, customer service for all payers and full stack integration with proprietary management systems. Читать далее
We are MOBER. A local community that offers you a homegrown mobile app that provides a solution to your everyday logistics needs. Читать далее
Our on-demand fuel delivery service comes right to you anytime and anywhere. There are no membership fees. Читать далее
We are new company involved in developing new concepts of innovative solutions focusing on the transport and container complex logic to meet various conditions that passes through the rigorous tests of scenarios that are happening in the field. Читать далее
Last Mile Inc. (LMI) is a digital logistics service innovation company that changes the way businesses operate their last-mile deliveries. Our offering consists of digital products designed to address the core issues of last-mile operations. Читать далее
A community for travelers where you can share travel experiences and find travel tips or information of your next travel destination. Читать далее
Drive Manila is a 100% Filipino owned transport company and the developer of Drive mobile app - a peer to peer car rental app in the Philippines. Читать далее
DINE IN is a dining solutions company that complements premium restaurants and elevates the home dining experience for discerning diners. Читать далее
CloudEats is the largest cloud kitchen company in the Philippines. They prepare hot meals for hospitals/medical staff, government agencies, and other front liners. Читать далее
All-in-one real estate sales management system with the right features Читать далее
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