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Musement helps travellers get the best from destinations by providing a great choice of local tours and attractions bookable on multiple devices. More than just "things to do", our range includes temporary, exclusive, hidden-gem and even free activities. Use our site for planning and our app for on-the-go decisions as you hack the city with hints and tips from local experts. Читать далее
Sailsquare is a peer-to-peer marketplace for sailing holidays. We want to make sailing holidays accessible to anyone, allowing our users to build up their crew with their friends and new buddies, in a fun and engaging way. Our mission is to make sailing holidays a unique experience, accessible to anyone, enabling the sharing of experiences among people from all over the world. Читать далее
Milkman is a logistics platform which offers a same-day delivery service and a tracking system. Читать далее
Macingo is the Italian community of sharing (sharing) of bulky goods transport. Читать далее
CasaNoi.it is a new start-up aimed to people and organisations that are willing to buy, rent or sell their houses by themselves, without agencies and commissions. CasaNoi wants to be the game changer of the real estate market: we make the difference between the direct and indirect markets clear. Framed as a social network, CasaNoi offers a unique way to increase visits and contacts with three tailored services: promotion, cloud storage and certification. Читать далее
HotelsClick is the online reservation site that offers an answer for every touristic requirement: hotels, apartments, special offers, car hire and other services to organise your holiday or trip in the best possible way. Our beginnings The business was established in 2006 based on the experience of our founding partners. The combination of a sound knowledge of this sector of the tourist market coupled with ICT skills, has allowed HotelsClick to situate itself within the principal online reservation sites in very few years. Читать далее
We're a platform for home owners to rent their homes during major sporting events and business happenings around the world. Читать далее
At GuideMeRight we love to travel while visiting friends. We believe this is the best travel experience. We want to make it possible for everybody and everywhere. We offers tourists the opportunity to immediately find a new local friend who will introduce them to the visited location. Tourists will finally be involved with the location's habits and traditions despite the short time available. Local people will earn some extra cash by actively promoting their own locations. For both of them, it will be either a social and cultural rewarding experience. Many start ups all over the world are attempting to solve this unmet tourists need. However, they all work the same way, offering a pre-determined experience at a fixed price. We will offer a more flexible and immediate service. Focusing on Mobile and offering tourist with the opportunity to immediately find the (closest) best "local friend" at a fair price. In fact, their hour tip will depend on their Rating on the website. Читать далее
Private Jet Finder has been designed to revolutionize the way you book personal flights forever. Private Jet Finder booking system is very simple : just a couple clicks or a telephone call and a team of qualified operators will arrange the best service to provide a private jet for your transfers. Private Jet finder can count on a team of skilled professionals who can boast experience of over 20 years in the field of aviation management. Читать далее
Commerce Layer is a fast, flexible, and secure REST API that lets you add e-commerce to any website, and mobile applications. Читать далее
Authentic and cozy apartments and holiday homes in Umbria Italy Читать далее
Yocabè connects apparel brands and their products with the global customers of online marketplaces. Читать далее
Find your personal travel planner and new places to go faraway or near to you Читать далее
Homply is a new gig in the RE market. Tired of searching for hours on several websites? Do you belive as much as we believe that visiting houses generally is a waste of time? Try Homply.com! We provide a beautiful and convenient tool to manage your search (trash your notepad!) leveraging our powerful semantic bookmarklet, we build on your searchs with an "extreme" algorithm understanding what you are looking for and providing the best ever tips to your search. Читать далее
Sardex.net is a B2B network based in Sardinia (Italy). We help small to large local businesses trade goods and services thanks to a digital complementary currency called Sardex (1SRD=1EUR). Sardex addresses the need for peer to peer credit among local businesses in a manner that is sustainable, counter cyclical and fosters social cohesion. Sardex.net is currently developing its new software platform to reach new markets and continue contributing to social and economic well being. Читать далее
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