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Cityzeum.com : social travel guides in french and targeted redirect to travel agencies. Babeltrip.com : Q&A for travellers and travel deals. Alundi.com : weekends in France. In progress : international site (6 languages), Facebook Social Travel Application and other confidential projects. Читать далее
BlaBlaCar connects drivers with empty seats to passengers travelling the same way. Читать далее
At Kombo, we are developing the first intermodal booking application (bus, train, carpooling, etc.). In other words, a site that allows to buy tickets for any mean of transportation, like Amazon that sells all types of products. Читать далее
Couriier is a mobile app that offers a personal and professional shopping service that allows users to send and receive in express. Читать далее
Platform enabling users to find the best carrier for transporting groups of 5 people or more. Читать далее
Secret Food Tours has been helping travellers discover the best bites in destinations all over the globe. Читать далее
MorningCroissant is a site helping travelers find short term rentals in France. We connect foreign and French travelers with locals who rent out their property for one night or more (one room or an entire house!) A great alternative to hotels: accommodations that are cheaper, bigger and more authentic than hotel rooms. We also help owners/tenants earn money. We make the booking, insurance and online payment very easy: As simple as booking a hotel room online. Читать далее
HappyPal reinvents employee perks with a SaaS and Payment solution Читать далее
SlimPay is an innovative payment institution providing Saas services for recurring payments based on SEPA Direct Debit et Credit Transfer with online electronic signature of the SEPA mandate Читать далее
90% of real estate searches in France start online. French estate agents with window shops prefer to work from home or in a business office in order to be able to spend more money in online advertising. We are looking to develop www.SextantFrance.fr as one of the most recognised brands in France for online real estate with a high visibility website on all major search engines in order to generate 80% of sales directly and only 20% from property portals (This is what we are currently doing with our English website www.sextantproperties.com). The advantage of our company compared to our maisn competitors consists in the added value with our international presence that has been built up carrefully over the past 8 years. Читать далее
Fairjungle helps you to Book, manage, and control business travel. Читать далее
Next stop puts travelers in search of a tailor-made trip in relation with a French specialist of the destination. Читать далее
Symbiosis is an innovative sport/health app focused on strengthening social bonds. The principle is simple, it is about practicing a physical activity live and simultaneously (on any cardio or other device) with family and/or friends Читать далее
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