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Automated Delivery Robot Read more
Robots enabling social distance care Read more
Contactless COVID Supply Delivery Read more
Mobile robots to protect healthcare workers Read more
AI Models to Help Better Detect Infection Read more
The Digital Health Division of the Israel Ministry of Health is dedicated to advancing digital health transformations in the Israeli healthcare system. To this end, we promote collaborations between health organizations and industry; create pioneering regulation that ensures public safety and privacy alongside innovation; and work to remove barriers to digital health adoption in health organizations. Read more
Medical Staff process automation Read more
Temperature detection solution Read more
Automated personal predictive COVID analysis Read more
Machine Learning for Antibody Discovery Read more
BM GROUP produces interactive equipment: self-service terminals, interactive navigation, interactive tables and kiosks, electronic queue, equipment for epidemic prevention. Read more
Operating System for Anti-COVID Robots Read more
AI Assistants to aid financial institutions Read more
Big Data for high risk patients Read more
Temperature Sensing Device for Workforce Read more
Toronto’s Think Research is creating digital checklists and organizational tools — based on the latest COVID-19 clinical data and best practices — so that healthcare workers can focus on treating critically ill patients, not paperwork. Read more
Social distance monitoring tool Read more
AI-screening and AI-monitoring system Read more
CloudHospital is a robust online platform helping patients around the world find the best providers for their needs regardless of where they are located. Read more
Medical Supply Delivery Drones Read more
Automated COVID-19 information feeding tool Read more
Analysis of medical information using AI Read more
AI Solution for Frontline healthworkers Read more
WaiveTheWait designs products that fit your clinic's system and needs. We focus on employing cutting edge AI technology to improve healthcare efficiency and clinic experience. Read more
AI Triage and Monitor COVID-19 Patients Read more
BREGIS develops an information system for automating the activities of medical laboratories (registering patients, orders, and materials, setting up work processes, distributing orders and assignments to workplaces, quality control, issuing test results in the desired format, etc.). Read more
Capsula is a developer of an automated point of issue of orders and mailings, capable of replacing an entire staff of employees. Read more
Cashee accepts, processes and responds to voice or text input, understands, and conducts complex dialogues with the user. Cashee Bot reduces costs and positively affects the efficiency of medical institutions. Read more
Facemetric is a platform and a set of ready-made solutions for solving business problems using computer vision. Read more
MyWay Tech focuses on the development of AI indicator technology. Read more
Ace BioTek focuses on wireless communication, networking hardware, and customized system integration projects. Read more
COVID All-Around Diagnosis Bots Read more
Digital Adaptation Tools for COVID Read more
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