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Leading HIgh-Risk Treatment Development Read more
Rakuten is the largest ecommerce company in Japan, and third largest ecommerce marketplace company worldwide. Read more
This website was opened by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to provide the latest information on the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Read more
As online sellers based in Kyoto selling to over 100 countries around the world, we were spending hours everyday just to manage the shipping process.To address this challenge, we created Ship&co to automate our shipping process, designing it to be user-friendly for ourselves. Read more
Bed Frames and Partitions for Medical Sites Read more
Carstay Comfortable Overnight in car or tentdo itCar tripWith guests who want to enjoy. Read more
Restore a secure structure for users through self-sovereign micropayments and IDs, and realize a service that allows simple creation of Internet apps. Read more
AI Crisis Communication Chatbot Read more
dTosh offers an educational package that combines a unique online learning platform, systematic teaching materials, and trusted professional teachers. Read more
Emol Inc is developing a system to clarify mental problems by chatting with AI and lead to solutions to the problems. They provide this chat system with AI, iOS app "emol" for general consumers and web service "emol work" for business. Read more
Enishia offers and electronic medical records solutions for doctors data input and medical record management. Read more
RASCAL's is an online sport matching service for retired athlete and students who want to learn from them. Read more
Soraharu offers online coaching and counseling platform for small businesses and individual therapists. In addition to the counseling interface, it offers functions such as payment, medical records, and referrals. Read more
Bespoke is helping the Japanese government to effectively communicate with travelers in Japan in multiple languages as a means to combat the pandemic. They do it with Bebot, one of their products, that they describe as an “AI concierge”. Read more
Alp is customer management and recurring billing system for all of subscription business. Read more
A platform business for shared electric micromobility. Changing legal issues from Fukuoka City and providing services to solve the last mile problem. Read more
Safecast is a web map tracking experiences around access to COVID-19 testing globally from original crowdsourced data. Read more
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