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Vrbo is an American vacation rental online marketplace originally known as Vacation Rentals by Owner or VRBO. Read more
Cratejoy is a platform for merchants to launch their own subscription commerce business. Merchants create their own store front and we host it. We collect their recurring payments, print their postage, and e-mail their customers tracking numbers. We’re targeting mid market and long tail merchants. Examples include niche experts such as house rabbit enthusiasts and art supply experts. We've also seen strong interest from crafters and from musicians. You can see some of the merchants that have launched at We founded & sold MarketZero to Zynga in 2011 and have been working together since 2008. We're Y Combinator and SV Angel backed. Read more
Equipboard is a product catalog anchored on celebrities (famous musicians, athletes, actors, etc) and the products they endorse both explicitly and implicitly. Just as IMDb graphs the relationships between the folks who work on films and the films themselves, Equipboard will become the data broker for all relationships between celebs and the products that they endorse. We will first tackle the music gear industry ($10B in the US alone), then scale by replicating the model in other verticals. The music space is compelling from a revenue & user engagement standpoint (we tested), the opportunity to partner with brands & artists (90% of music brands market by endorsements), and musicians are generally gear sluts. Equipboard will be a crowd-sourced destination site with a self sustaining community. While user submissions are increasing by the day as we open it up more, we currently use a combo of social media scraping, cheap labor, and brand partnerships to get the content ball rolling. Read more
Free Enterprise Video Conferencing Read more
Fetch Package is a delivery platform that provides direct-to-door package delivery services. Read more
Local Lens is a community marketplace connecting travelers with local photographers to capture vacation memories around the world. Nowadays booking flights, hotels, and tours is just a click away, and we believe finding photo services should be just as simple. By hiring affordable professional photographers, travelers won’t have to deal with asking strangers for a picture, taking arm-reaching “selfies”, or setting up a timer and running into the frame. Instead, our customers return home with a timeless souvenir that they can enjoy for years to come. Our photographers offer a variety of services such as unique photo tours, private sessions, & customizable events (weddings, b-days, etc). Photo tours are created by the photographers and provide local insight to a city. These can be anything from a walk through Parc Guell in Barcelona to a volcano hike in Guatemala. Every photographer is pre-screened for quality, value & service. We receive a 15% booking fee from each transaction. Read more
The business communications platform for group tour operators. Reducing operational costs and increasing revenue per trip. Read more
Highly scalable, cost-effective COV-19 tests Read more
Big Data for high risk patients Read more
Create a beautiful listing for your surf or beach property on Wavecation. The surf travel is a huge niche market that is able to use Wavecation to find the best surf hotels and vacation rentals located at surf breaks around the world. Read more
CoachRail is a cloud-based transportation management software that removes the hassle of managing and growing your fleet. Read more
How about a sandwich being delivered to you while you're relaxing on the beach with just the touch of a button on your phone? Vinveli's Mission is to create a 3D transportation grid that will revolutionize commercial logistics through use of fleet of autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in a series of planned market penetrations. Our end goal is to field a fleet of autonomous drones will patrol metros to perform functions such as: Inter-city delivery, errands running. Release people from getting stuck in 2D traffic. Patrolling UAS could also serve as mobile security platform that can establish law enforcement presence, gather crime evidences while it's still fresh, and provide instant crisis response. Read more
Millennials don’t like traveling like their parents or like tourists. Yet, if a Millennial traveler lacks a trusted source for recs, they have to go to a myriad of inconsistent and unreliable sources ranging from Facebook to Yelp. Many of these sources, be they review sites or magazines, lack authenticity, credibility and a sense of curation or user-friendly design. Localeur is a curated community of local insiders sharing recommendations with travelers on their favorite places to eat, drink, shop, work out and hang out. Never again will a Millennial traveler - the most important generation in the industry, with the highest lifetime value - ever have to use another outdated travel guidebook to experience a city the right way. Read more
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