About the Coronavirus Resilience Innovation Map


Coronavirus Resilience Innovation Map is a global directory with hundreds of innovations and solutions that help people cope and adapt to life amid the COVID-19 pandemic, and connect with innovators.

With the emergence and clear effect of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), people around the world are dramatically changing all aspects of life. The past year has shown us that we must learn how to become resilient, adapt faster, and innovate in order to navigate these challenging times.

The global quest to stop the virus has also pushed us to use our technology to help spread the innovation to relevant stakeholders.

Who is this resource for?


Features of the map:

Mapping the innovations related to tackling coronavirus in various fields such as diagnostics, treatment, lifestyle changes, etc., on a geographical scale.

Listings are added by the research teams of StartupBlink and the partners, as well as crowdsourced by the global community.


By creating this resource we hope to help teams of innovators to cooperate and build solutions faster. The map will also help the public and private sector identify innovative projects relevant to them by location (from vaccines and prevention to diagnostics and treatment, to life and business adaptation, etc.).

Navigating the map: What information will you find?

You can navigate the map by selecting 1 of the following main categories:


  • track the locations where the virus is widely spread
  • giving people the information that will help them avoid infected places


  • the kits and methods that are used to identify people who have contacted the virus
  • find innovative new ways of diagnosis from around the globe


  • the medicine and drugs that have shown results in improving the health of people with Covid-19
  • information on how people can get their medications without leaving their homes
  • information on ventilators & medical devices


  • timely and accurate information about the crisis situation and ongoing innovations

Life and Business Adaptation

  • information on ways you can optimize the way we live with the coronavirus abound us
  • resources for education, community & menthol health, work, shopping and business

Commerce and Supply Chains

  • information on logistics and proptech

Digital Economy

  • mapping services such as delivery, ride-hailing, on-demand services and payments

Founding Partners:

Health Innovation Exchange Logo

The Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx) is a platform launched by UNAIDS that acts as a neutral facilitator and broker of innovative solutions for health, particularly in the global South. The HIEx has been working with countries on analysis of health priorities and needs, curating tailored health innovative solutions to match the needs, and brokering investments to ensure the sustainability of their implementation.

StartupBlink Logo

Coronavirus Resilience Innovation Map is based on the technology and project management of StartupBlink, a global startup ecosystem map and research center, publishing the Startup Ecosystem Rankings, an annual report featuring 1000 cities and 100 countries ranked by the strength of their startup ecosystem.

Local Partners:

Taiwan Tech Arena
Moscow Agency of Innovation
Canary Islands
Response Innovation Lab
Kingston Economic Development Corporation
Japan External Trade Organization
Innovation Centre Sunshine Coast
Camara de Comercio de Cali
Cabo Verde Digital
East-West Digital News
Eilat Hub

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