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We are Klarna. A global tech bank on a mission to make payments and shopping as smoooth as possible. Read more
Trustly allows users to receive payments directly from consumer bank accounts, backed by bank-level security. No cards, no app download, no registration. Read more
Video Patient Conferencing & Symptom Checker Read more
The iZettle service was first launched in Sweden in the summer of 2011 and is now available to individuals and small businesses across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, The United Kingdom and Germany. Over the coming months, iZettle will bring secure and easy payments to more people, continuing the mission to empower entrepreneurs and democratise card payments in more countries around Europe and the world. Read more
VOI is the new, environmentally friendly way to transport in urban centers. We're creating a system of electrically powered scooters that is affordable, sustainable, and a suuuper smooth way to commute. You should try one! Read more
Greenely offers a complete solution that makes it easy for households to reduce their electricity consumption. The consumption is presented visually with an exceptional design. Households will be able to compare their energy consumption with their neighbors’ and receive advice on simple measures they can do to save money. Greenely has a multi-faceted approach and provides visualization of consumption in digital form with a mobile application and web service, but also in terms of enhanced electricity bills. None of these services require installation of costly external equipment which, together with our complete approach, makes great spread of such services finally achievable. Accordingly, our services will have a major impact on the average household’s energy consumption and save them a great amount of money every month! Read more
Easy on the wallet, easy on the planet. Read more
TechBuddy's solution is to tap into the vast ocean of tech-fluent talents, and connect them with the infinite number of customers who need technical guidance. Read more
Immunity Certificated for Post-Lockdown Read more
Tipser enables commerce on any site! Open a shop, curate your content with products and sell them on your platform. Make successful conversions while keeping the visitor on site! Read more
Last mile delivery and urban mobility Read more
Automated COVID-19 information feeding tool Read more
Have you ever browsed the internet trying to find that special product to buy, ending up spending countless of hours on numerous websites. We have. That's why we created Shopit! Shopit is 'The Shopping Search Engine' and our ambition is to gather all products, retailers and brands available online in one shopping start page. Also allowing you to save products you like and own, invite friends, share, get advice, and use other social shopping functionality. Our pilot market is Sweden, but the goal is to cover all of Europe and other large retail markets of the world. Our search technology developed in-house interprets over 500.000 words, matches and filters 10 million products structured in 30.000 categories, from the initial 9.000 Swedish retailers and 8.000 brands, in less than 15 milliseconds. We also have developed a search personalization system named 'Shopping DNA'. Shopit makes one of modern humanity's basic needs – finding and buying products – a whole lot easier. Read more
Social App Combats Loneliness and Isolation Read more
HappyBooking is an online booking system for supporting rental businesses such as hotels, hostels, airport parkings... With HappyBooking the customer can increase their efficiency and revenue through a combination of a scalable, user friendly system designed for a global market. This, and our partnership with Payius, provides HappyBooking with a unique business position. Read more
Dukanji​ A Multi-Culture Online supermarket. Read more
Whatever your industry, MOST's multi-functional IoT, AI platform lets you monitor your assets with pinpoint accuracy. Effortlessly. At all times. Giving you unprecedented power to build your enterprise. Born out of the need to protect farmers and producers in the logistics industry where one spoilt perishable container can be a loss of up to 100 000 dollars. The logistics industry is worth over 70 trillion dollars, 1 third of the global GDP. Read more
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