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Cabify connects private and business users with the forms of transport that best suit their needs Читать далее
Lyft is an on-demand ridesharing patform that improves people’s lives with the world’s best transportation, Читать далее
Bolt is an Estonian ride-hailing app. Leading transportation platform in 150 cities in Europe and Africa - cars, electric scooters and food delivery. Читать далее
Take a Beat and rediscover your city. Beat connects in real time thousands of passengers with nearby available drivers. Читать далее
BlaBlaCar connects drivers with empty seats to passengers travelling the same way. Читать далее
Making travel easy, friendly, personal. Welcome redefines the way people travel by offering our customers the most personalized and wholesome travel experience from the moment they start planning their trip until the moment they return home. We provide travelers with the warmest, most informative and friendliest transfer from and to the airport, equip them with all the necessary products and services they will need during their trip, as well as stand by them for any information they need for the duration of their stay. Читать далее
Citymobile - one of the leading taxi order services through a mobile application, website or operator Читать далее
CityBee is a car sharing startup. CityBee is a new concept of personal mobility in urban areas. Читать далее
GoOpti is a platform through which you can order transportation from the airport to your house for a feasible price. Читать далее
Bykea is an on-demand transport and logistics startup where customers book a ride or a delivery. Their application allows for in-app messaging, fare estimates, and driver/delivery tracking and ratings. Читать далее
You press a button, a driver comes to pick you up. Available in London, Moscow and soon all over Russia. Читать далее
On demand rides. We keep you safe. You set the vibe. Your ride is our obsession. Predictable. Professional. Personal. From music selection to lighting, you drive everything, except the car. Читать далее
Angkas is a motorcycle ride-hailing platform helping tackle transport mobility for Filipinos where country traffic is some of the highest in the world. Читать далее
CarSync is a free APP, they offer car-sharing solutions for hosts to help provide higher revenue and excellent car-sharing customer experience across multiple platforms. Читать далее
A2B is advanced booking agent for private transfers, minibuses and luxury cars. Читать далее
IntiGo is a bike taxi startup that allows users to book bike rides. Читать далее
The first car sharing service in Bulgaria provides affordable eco-friendly mobility solutions (electric vehicles) in Sofia. Easy-to-use system along with the newest vehicles inspires reaching Your destination faster, in style and respecting the environment. Читать далее
SafeBoda is ride hailing app that allows users to book transportation on motorbikes. Читать далее
TravelODesk provides online car hire services mainly targeted at tourists and sightseeing Читать далее
We provide vehicle intelligence platform for commercial fleet owners to optimize their operations and to launch new mobility services. Читать далее
Operating in 134 countries, 1019 airports, and 215,765 destinations allows Ziyas to make transfer service between physically possible two points on Earth. Читать далее
Yego Innovision's Yegomoto project aims to make Rwanda's motos more efficient while bringing transparency and fairness to the fares, for both, the driver and passenger. Yegomoto equips the motos with a Yegomoto Meter, which calculates the fare (based on distance travelled and time taken) and helps drivers navigate in real-time. Yego is also set to introduce prepaid "Tap & Pay" contactless cards, which means that passengers no longer have to worry about carrying exact change to pay their fare. Yego's Tap & Pay cards work over USSD and utilize NFC technology, allowing passengers to pay fares from their linked mobile wallet by simply tapping their cards onto the Yegomoto Meter. Читать далее
LEFA is a mobile app that connects individuals and companies who need safe, reliable and convenient on-demand transportation services with vetted independent drivers. Читать далее
TeleRickshaw made variety of packages of customer in order to cut the cost of travelling. Читать далее
Drive Manila is a 100% Filipino owned transport company and the developer of Drive mobile app - a peer to peer car rental app in the Philippines. Читать далее
eBikeGo is one of a kind Revolutionary start-ups aiming at providing environment-friendly means of transportation. Читать далее
RENT AN ADVENTURE 'Travel by electric' has designed an entire package including charging station and supported routes that unfold the top nudge side-seeing destinations and historical artifacts. Читать далее
ZayRide's on-demand taxi service connects riders and taxi drivers quickly and conveniently through an innovative mobile app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android smartphones. Читать далее
The application for taxi drivers that automates the simultaneous work with the applications of the largest aggregator of orders. Читать далее
Tootle is a ride sharing platform in Kathmandu. It is for two wheeler owners and people who wants to ride two wheelers. Читать далее
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