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HBO Max is a platform that features 10,000 hours of premium content bundling all of HBO together with movies, shows and Max Originals Читать далее
Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with 214 million paid memberships in over 190 countries Читать далее
Twitch is a one-of-a-kind collision of subcultures, games, communities, and streamers co-creating content around everything they’re into. This is more than just watching; this is multiplayer entertainment — unique, live, unpredictable, never-to-be-repeated experiences created by the interactions of many. Читать далее
THETA.tv is the next-generation esports entertainment platform powered by blockchain technology. Читать далее
Huya is a live game broadcasting portal. It provides broadcasting software to capture and stream the playthrough during the course of the online gameplay. Читать далее
GoMechanic is India’s leading multi-brand car service company, committed to making the car servicing experience hassle-free & easy for everyone. We have created technology solutions that have disrupted the unorganised Auto-servicing industry making the solutions more systematic, reliable and cost-effective. Читать далее
TaskRabbit's same-day service platform instantly connects you with skilled Taskers to help with odd-jobs and errands, so you can be more productive, every day. Читать далее
Loco is an online platform for live streaming video games. The platform allows users to play and live stream games like Free Fire, CODM, PUBG, Valorant, GTA V, and more. Читать далее
Handy is the leading platform for connecting individuals looking for household services with top-rated, pre-screened independent service professionals. Читать далее
Mobcrush is a technology and entertainment company focused on live streaming and the creator-driven media revolution. Читать далее
The Pill Club aims to make it really easy for individuals to obtain access to birth control. Читать далее
Wrench is a nationwide marketplace that connects automotive experts to vehicle owners, removing the hassle of vehicle ownership through trust, transparency, and convenience. Читать далее
Save is an online repair service provider for smartphones and laptops. Offers repairs for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles. Читать далее
SweepSouth provides a convenient way to book home services online from a phone, tablet or computer, connecting clients to cleaners in minutes. Читать далее
Foxtrot is a mobile app that lets customers shop their curated collections of drinks, food, and everyday essentials. Читать далее
Nurture Life is a food company that offers organic and ready-to-eat meals for babies, toddlers, and kids. Читать далее
Caroobi guarantees that you will only work with the best workshops that meet our high quality standards. So you can be sure that only professionals will take care of your car and your concerns done via an app. Читать далее
Rinse is building the first and largest national (and global) brand in clothing care. Читать далее
Pitstop is an online platform delivering one stop solution for all car care needs. We provide quality, economical and convenient car service through our network of partner garages. Читать далее
Qlean.ru is the largest in Russia and the 3rd in the world service for ordering cleaning of private apartments, an IT platform that connects clients and cleaners. Читать далее
Justlife is the Middle East’s leading marketplace for home cleanings, beauty & wellness, and other home services such as maintenance and laundry. Читать далее
TechBuddy's solution is to tap into the vast ocean of tech-fluent talents, and connect them with the infinite number of customers who need technical guidance. Читать далее
BOOK A TIGER is an online booking platform that matches customers with an interviewed, background-checked and tested professional cleaner. BOOK A TIGER makes a clean home an affordable reality for many hard-working individuals. Читать далее
Freska is the leading and fastest growing home services technology company in Northern Europe. We offer the best solution for today’s consumer in finding a personal, trustworthy cleaner. Читать далее
The Helpling platform's registered cleaners offer every cleaning service you could need. After your booking is confirmed, just let them know what your priorities are and they’ll make your home shine. Читать далее
Oxwash is revolutionising the washing industry. By uniquely combining next-generation cleaning and logistics platforms, Oxwash is closing the loop in inefficient processes in the growing on-demand hospitality and catering industries. Читать далее
Skipcart connects our crowdsourced drivers to restaurants, retailers, and e-commerce allowing a solution of on-demand anywhere. Читать далее
Yoshi's DOT approved gas trucks and service vans come to your home or place of work every week, on your schedule, to top off your tank, wash your car, change your oil and more. Читать далее
Miso is an online and mobile marketplace that allows customers to book on-demand cleaning services. Users can schedule a date and time for cleaning, and platform matches it with cleaning professionals available in that area. Читать далее
The Minte is rapidly becoming the gold standard in hotel-style services. Our team has blended service and technology to delivery exceptional experiences in more than 35,000 apartment homes and counting. Our housekeepers are dedicated to their own properties, ensuring residents always come home happy. Читать далее
MYKUYA is a on-demand labor & services marketplace that empowers consumers to access help and enables enterprises to use its workforce management tools in one super app. Читать далее
Washmen is a digital laundry and dry cleaning service in the UAE. The services are offered in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Читать далее
justclean was founded in 2016 by brothers Athbi and Nouri Al Enezi, as an on-demand laundry marketplace application in Kuwait. Читать далее
Booster is energy delivered, integrated logistics, and society’s solution for decarbonizing the last mile. Читать далее
wash doctors brings professional mobile car valeting and detailing to your door. Читать далее
Fixt has the solution: on-demand and on-location device protection, spanning from setups to repairs. Читать далее
Keno is the most convenient, professional & eco-friendly car wash solution. At your doorstep. On tap of a button. Читать далее
FlyCleaners is an app-based on-demand laundry and dry cleaning business operating in New York City. Читать далее
Morni is a mobile application that provides road-side assistance for stranded vehicles. They use a user's GPS to deliver assistance including car towing battery service and replacement, tire changes, and fuel delivery. Читать далее
JustWash is the simplest and most reliable car care mobile app to keep your car clean at your doorstep. Читать далее
UrbanYou is Australia’s Leading online Marketplace for On-demand Home Services! Читать далее
Cérge is a online platform that promotes contactless click & collect, contactless phone & collect or pop up drive through services such as grocery and food deliveries Читать далее
LaundryGo, lets you place your dirty clothes in a “smart box” in front of your door for pickup. The service providers collect the box after midnight, wash your clothes, and deliver them in the box to your door by midnight the next day. Читать далее
Toplivo v Bak delivers fuel direct to parked cars on behalf of car-sharing companies and private clients via a mobile app. Читать далее
We collaborate with leading contractors in all regions and provide excellent quality at an affordable price. For our corporate clients, we create sets of auto-assistance services and pack them in the form of technical assistance cards or electronic certificates. Читать далее
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