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Cabify connects private and business users with the forms of transport that best suit their needs Читать далее
Spotahome is focused on helping people who are looking to find mid-to-long term home rentals. Spotahome removes the need for in-person viewings by having professional photographers visit a property and create all the audio-visual materials to recreate the experience of being on the property in-person. Читать далее
Customer complaint success fee service, currently in airlines, in other sectors in the near future Читать далее
Holafly helps you stay connected on your journey around the world through international SIM and eSIM cards. Читать далее
Sailwiz is a sailing holidays plattform that connects users with sailors and boat owners who share their boat trips Читать далее
Our platform connects companies, like e-commerces, with payment gateways with only one integration through our API Читать далее
Minube is the a place to find inspiration for your next trip, make your travel plans, and share your adventures. Discover the best things to see and do in thousands of destinations around the world using the real recommendations from fellow travelers. You can also find real recommendations about the best hotels around the world or plan your next dinner with real reviews of the best restaurants in town. What's more, you can now use minube to compare the internet's best hotel booking sites and travel sites so you can find the one that's right for you.Finally, minube is a grand community of travelers waiting to hear about your latest adventures. Share your experiences with the community and help inspire your fellow travelers to take the trip of a lifetime. And, of course, we can't forget about flights: find cheap plane tickets on airlines around the world in minube's flight search engine which compares thousands of deals to bring you the best possible price. However, minube is much more that just flights and hotels. We're here to help you along the entire journey, from the moment of inspiration to sharing your memories when you return. Don't forget to share your favorite travel moments over minube to help fellow travelers get inspired, or save your favorite places into amazing lists to share with your friends. Читать далее
OnTruck es la primera empresa de innovación orientada a la logística y al transporte de mercancías que ha nacido con la ambición de hacer el envío por carretera más eficiente en Europa. Con OnTruck cualquier empresa podrá realizar envíos inmediatos de palés de forma inmediata, fácil y con total control de su carga. Para las empresas ponemos a su disposición una aplicación sencilla, intuitiva y rápida. En minutos podrán cotizar el precio de su carga, realizar un envío inmediato y hacer el seguimiento hasta su entrega contando además con un soporte 24h. Rápido y sin intervención humana. Una red de transportistas estará disponible 24h para aceptar la carga y realizar la entrega. Читать далее
Real Estate website building platform to enable enhanced innovation in the sector Читать далее
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