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Pivot Freight is a rate comparison engine for customers that ship freight. It puts shipping customers directly in touch with freight carriers. Discounted rates, rethinking the user experience for shipping freight and taking advantage of new technologies emerging in this space give us a competitive advantage. Читать далее
J&T Express is a technology and internet development based express company. J&T Express has an extensive network that supports delivery services inter-city, inter-province and across the nation. Читать далее
Delivery made easy. Lalamove connects you with the best delivery drivers nearby. For Businesses, Lalamove is trusted by SMEs & MNC's across different industries for our lightening fast and reliable delivery. Deliver faster with less hassle. Читать далее
Loggi is a shipping platform that aims to make same-day food delivery and courier services more time and cost efficient. Читать далее
Shadowfax is an on-demand logistics network that provides tech-enabled one stop delivery solutions. Читать далее
Shippit is a simple shipping platform that takes the guesswork out of delivery. Читать далее
PickPoint is the first logistic service of the new generation that delivers online orders through postamats and delivery points. Читать далее
Company is one of freight exchanges in Europe and a modern logistics platform for road transport. Читать далее
Integrated logistics provider for same-day/next-day e-commerce and retail fulfillment Читать далее
The company has developed a transportation monitoring system that allows you to track the movement of vehicles, control the work of a vehicle park, detect violations in a timely manner. Читать далее
BraceAbility is a leading online retailer of braces and supports such as knee braces, ankle braces, back braces, wrist braces, and wrist supports. Читать далее
parcelLab enables the best online retailers to delight all their customers with an awesome post-checkout shopping experience. Читать далее
Flexport helps companies import products from overseas. We are an import-export concierge built around a modern web application. Our mission is to bring the world free trade through technology. In doing so, we are dragging this old school industry into the modern world one successful transaction at a time. Читать далее
Pioneering delivery solution for eCommerce, enabling customer controlled time-slots and sustainable vehicle distribution. Читать далее
Freightos provides an online marketplace for the trillion-dollar international shipping industry. Читать далее
Convoy is a trucking software company that connects shippers to users. Читать далее
Foxtrot Systems is an automated last-mile fleet management ecosystem focused on empowering the future of the supply chain. Читать далее
shipcloud is the cloud-based service for sending packages. With our easy to use API SMEs can send packages without any hassle. Читать далее
Southeast Asia's leading road cargo logistics platform for booking FTL & LTL cargo transport. Operates in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand. Читать далее
Tech that connects professional same-day couriers to business customers. Gophr is about great value, efficiency, speed and peace of mind. Bringing transparency, efficiency and speed to an industry sector that has lacked any real innovation over the last 30 years. We've built a delivery network that acts like a smart tech-driven network should, now working on making physical packages as simple, easy, and precise to send as email. Читать далее
Flash Express is a logistics and transportation company that operates a door-to-door pickup and delivery service. Читать далее
SIMPLE TOOLS FOR GREAT DELIVERIES Organize your routes, monitor delivery operations and offer superior customer experience with Dropon's Delivery Management Platform Читать далее
Nikola Motor Company builds heavy-duty transport trucks using hybrid hydrogen-electric powertrains. Читать далее
As online sellers based in Kyoto selling to over 100 countries around the world, we were spending hours everyday just to manage the shipping process.To address this challenge, we created Ship&co to automate our shipping process, designing it to be user-friendly for ourselves. Читать далее
Rivigo is the largest Cargo Service company in India that aims to make logistics faster and more cost efficient. Читать далее
The largest aggregator of carriers with full responsibility for cargo and transportation Читать далее
Fetch Package is a delivery platform that provides direct-to-door package delivery services. Читать далее
Airspace Technologies is a technology enabled provider of time definite logistics. Читать далее
One of the more established IT companies in the city Quantum has been driving improvements in the logistics & warehousing sector for over 20 years. Читать далее
Via transforms transit systems into efficient digital networks. We deliver advanced software solutions and turn-key transit operations. Читать далее
Bounce develops and provides a smart mobility solution that makes daily commute time-saving and stress-free. Читать далее
Globkurier is a professional logistics operator in transportation Читать далее
Janio provides cross-border logistics services that simplifies deliveries across borders. Читать далее
Milkman is a logistics platform which offers a same-day delivery service and a tracking system. Читать далее
Webshippy is an order fulfillment company, it is like one stop store for all logistics. Читать далее
Couriier is a mobile app that offers a personal and professional shopping service that allows users to send and receive in express. Читать далее
Macingo is the Italian community of sharing (sharing) of bulky goods transport. Читать далее
The company has developed an intelligent platform for effective vehicle park management that allows to track all the information about drivers and vehicles in a single place and use this information for decision-making. Читать далее
Parcel Port is today’s most innovative Smart Parcel Locker Solution serving Commercial & Residential Property Managers, Express Couriers and Retailers. Читать далее
mienvío is the platform that integrates and optimizes the experience of national and international shipments in one place. Читать далее
Trukky is a digital logistics platform with unique price discovery for cargo shipment. Читать далее
Bosta provides an on-demand courier app with a B2C focus, allowing businesses to send parcels to their customers. Читать далее
People Powered Delivery. PickThisUp helps consumer and webshops with cheap delivery by booking couriers who are already on the way. Читать далее
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