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Loggi is a shipping platform that aims to make same-day food delivery and courier services more time and cost efficient. Читать далее
Meliuz offers consumers numerous ways to save money when brazilians/latin americans shop online. E-consumers visit Meliuz for cash back on purchases they make from hundreds of reputable retailers and as a one-stop resource for thousands of coupons and deals from over 200 affiliated stores in Brazil. We are the Brazilian/Latin America version of Ebates.com (Performance Marketing Brands Inc.) . Читать далее
VTEX is the first and only fully integrated commerce, marketplace and OMS solution that offers fastest time-to-revenue and no upgrades. Читать далее
Iugu offers all the necessary infrastructure to operate payments and reduce existing bureaucracy in Brazil. Our solutions are facilitators for building new business in our country. Our dashboard allows you to measure how much your startup is growing by week and month, how much churn and the average revenue by customer. Our simple API and triggers allows fast, almost plug-n-play deploy for anyone in need of a payment solution. Our mobile solution allows any app to integrate payments, white label or not, with complete API to manage the payments, whether you are a SaaS, e-commerce, mobile application or marketplace. We are also an exception in Latin America because we contribute to the OpenSource community. Our repository has solutions ranging from deployment bots to fiscal documents which aim to boost local businesses development. See more at http://github.com/iugu Читать далее
Carreira Beauty is a "One Stop Shop" (B2B marketplace) platform for Beauty Professionals and Salons in Brazil. Beauty Professional market in Brazil: - 5MM Professionals and 550k Salons - Wide geographic dispersion - Inefficient procurement - Lack of information We have built a strong Distribution Channel (Content and Community platforms), leading 100k visits per month and 85k FB fans. Also, we will leverage our growing customer base (1k salons and 8k professionals) to find, connect and shop the widest assortment of products and services with Brands, Manufacturers and Distributors of the Beauty industry. Carreira Beauty is a proud member of 500 Startups (seed fund and accelerator program) and Inovativa Brasil (Brazilian government initiative supported by Endeavor and McKinsey firms). Читать далее
Intelipost is an enterprise SaaS for logistics that allows shippers to lower costs, improve control, and achieve better results. Читать далее
CarpeDiem Homes is an administrator specializing exclusively in seasonal properties. Our technology increases the visibility and occupation of your property! Читать далее
Brazil's largest online network of real estate agents, with over 18,500 members from 875 cities. Focused on providing technology to connect agents, promote partnerships and speed up business deals. Features include: - Marketplace for preowned property: Business listings between agents who are selling and buying property, who split commission. - Virtual Office: Tools for networking, productivity and marketing - New Property: Registered agents are able to sell property from brazilian largest real estate construction companies - Leads: connects brokers to end-customers, generating new business opportunities > Visit our website: www.corretores.com.br > A broker's control panel: www.corretores.com.br/demo Читать далее
The Viajar Temporada, is one of the largest sites of rent by the season of latin america. On site, the traveler is so fast and easy, the best season for homes. For Advertisers, we have free listings and premium listing and booking online, thus suit every type of advertiser, is that you want to start advertising your property for season one that I most search visibility. Читать далее
Anyee is a marketplace that connects people to products and services from your favorite local stores. Читать далее
Cheap2Ship is a online marketplace for international freight contracting. Читать далее
Mobile wallet solution for small & medium sized businesses. Unique payment challenges in Brazil: (i) long lines at cash registers; ii) lack of transparency and high expense; (iii) lack of solutions for merchants who are on the go; and (iv) bulky and expensive POS systems. PagueMob solves these problems via a cost-effective and easy to use mobile solution. Читать далее
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