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Paystack helps accept online and offline payments from anyone, anywhere in the world. Читать далее
SweepSouth provides a convenient way to book home services online from a phone, tablet or computer, connecting clients to cleaners in minutes. Читать далее
Kopo Kopo offers a software-as-a-service that enables the 30 million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in emerging markets to accept, process, and manage mobile money payments (e.g. Safaricom M-Pesa, Airtel Money). Kopo Kopo is the first company to offer this service on a subscription basis and is positioning itself to be a leader in providing merchant services in emerging markets. Читать далее
www.travelstart.co.za is South Africa's leading online travel agency. Offering online bookings for flights, hotels and carhire! Читать далее
Sendyit is an e-logistics delivery platform that connects businesses and drivers of all vehicle types for deliveries. Читать далее
Nigeria's premium online travel agency providing flights to over 900 destinations and 300,000 hotels on their website Читать далее
Deliver Addis is Ethiopia's number one online delivery service featuring some of the best spots in town Читать далее
WorkPay is a payroll processing company for small and medium sized businesses in Africa. Читать далее
Kobo360 connects cargo owners to truck and drivers through an all-in-one platform. Читать далее
ebirr is a value-aded and mobile money solution provider Читать далее
Flexpay offers an automated platform to enable merchants and their customers manage flexible payments. Читать далее
SafeBoda is ride hailing app that allows users to book transportation on motorbikes. Читать далее
Esaja is Africa's business platform. Hop over and get rolling if you're a buyer, supplier or service provider. Читать далее
Sokowatch revolutionizes access to essential goods and services by connecting small shops to the digital economy. Читать далее
Yum.co.ke is Nairobi's premier online food ordering service. We enable customers to browse through the menus of a wide range of Nairobi restaurants, place an order and pay - directly online. For restaurants that don't do their own delivery, our dedicated Yum delivery team ensures that the food is delivered to our customers promptly. Читать далее
Vasiti.com helps student entrepreneurs build sustainable businesses by making it easy to sell their goods or services around campus and providing all-round support to enable them thrive while also providing solutions to make students' lives easier on campus which includes giving them easy and instant access to trusted vendors around their campus for goods or services needed. Читать далее
TradeBRICS is a sourcing marketplace that connects buyers with local suppliers, manufacturers, importers, exporters and wholesalers. Читать далее
After-Payment System platform designed to allow consumers to acquire goods with at least three-monthly installments. Primary target users are merchants, banks, and consumers in Angola. Читать далее
We want to remove all the redundancies and chaos in Nigeria's real estate industry by replacing them with innovative technological solution. Hutbay aims to be Nigeria's real estate hub where anyone can find homes for sale or to rent in Nigeria and interact with real agents without paying a dime. We aim to be the platform of choice for the real estate industry not only in Nigeria but also in the whole sub-Sahara Africa. Читать далее
Connecting customers with the best truck drivers in West Africa Читать далее
Nomanini means 'Anytime' in Siswati. We provide affordable access to payments for everyone, everywhere. We are a a South African-based enterprise payments platform provider that enables transactions in the cash-based informal retail sector. With our end-to-end solution designed for informal market environments, enterprise prepaid distributors are able to bolster their distribution channels, add to their portfolio of transaction services, increase their access to informal market consumers and efficiently monitor micropayments and services via a scalable cloud-based platform. Читать далее
Truzo is a web and app-based escrow platform enabling buyers and sellers anywhere to transact in a safe and secure way. Читать далее
Helps small businesses sell their products to the international market Читать далее
The first real estate marketplace in Lesotho. Easily and quickly buy, sell and rent your properties in Lesotho. Appartments, houses, lands, farms and other types of properties. Читать далее
Yego Innovision's Yegomoto project aims to make Rwanda's motos more efficient while bringing transparency and fairness to the fares, for both, the driver and passenger. Yegomoto equips the motos with a Yegomoto Meter, which calculates the fare (based on distance travelled and time taken) and helps drivers navigate in real-time. Yego is also set to introduce prepaid "Tap & Pay" contactless cards, which means that passengers no longer have to worry about carrying exact change to pay their fare. Yego's Tap & Pay cards work over USSD and utilize NFC technology, allowing passengers to pay fares from their linked mobile wallet by simply tapping their cards onto the Yegomoto Meter. Читать далее
LEFA is a mobile app that connects individuals and companies who need safe, reliable and convenient on-demand transportation services with vetted independent drivers. Читать далее
Kweza is a service that enables informal retailers to order products at the best price and receive deliveries directly to their stores Читать далее
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