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Enhanced Free Video Conferencing License Read more
Organizations' remote workforce needs Read more
Supporting nonprofits responding to COVID-19 Read more
Free Enterprise Video Conferencing Read more
All-in-one social communication platform Read more
Discounted Online Business Suite Read more
Kickidler helps supervisors visually assess what office and remote employees are doing at their work computers without disrupting their working process. Read more
Financial Tool for COVID-struck Businesses Read more
Forecasting cashfow for businesses Read more
Helping SMEs get paid at a distance Read more
Learning tool for modern teams Read more
DaOffice is a platform for employees with convenient social networking functionality and a set of collaboration tools. Read more
Free-trial remote work platform Read more
Rsupport is offering startups and other corporations free use of its remote meeting solution to help them overcome the crisis. Read more
Keep your events thriving during coronavirus Read more
Ponimau is a platform for corporate well-being, which includes the following areas: healthy lifestyle, psychology, law, and finance. Read more
Proximity Trace – Contact Tracing Software Read more
Groove allows users to deep focus work sessions powered by a supportive community that help you craft a more satisfying, fulfilled day. Read more
Workplace Contact Tracing Robots Read more
Contributes to the prevention of Covid-19 Read more
For Fit and Productive Teams Read more
COVID-19 Risk Management Platform Read more
Privatise puts company devices in any location on a virtually impenetrable cloud network, called the Remote Office Cluster or ROC. Read more
Maximice organizes business events according to the M.I.C.E. Read more
Transcript is an automated personnel training system based on speech recognition. Read more
VR Concept is a developer of a virtual prototyping application for collaborative work with digital twins in virtual reality. Read more
WikiWorks is an online service for the adaptation, motivation, and training of employees. Read more
Cocoon and Cocoon-licensed technology (upcoming IceBrowser) is a consumer cloud service that makes all your online devices private, secure and virus-free. Cocoon filters your Internet browsing through your own private, encrypted online cloud, Cocoon touches the web, so nothing on the web can touch you. Cocoon even makes open WiFi access points secure. Cocoon merges security and privacy solutions across devices. Cocoon comes in both a free and subscription-based model, the former of which is supported by our rebates-based affiliate shopping network, Cocoon Shopping. We are currently licensing a subscription-based service aimed at US web users. The service will be powered by Cocoon and include storage of all browsing data in foreign countries such as Iceland. Read more
Symptom screening & access management Read more
Covid-19 Risk Assessment tool for Workplaces Read more
Coronavirus workplace management strategies Read more
Health Questionnaire Platform for Workplaces Read more
COVID-19 Digital Workplace Passports Read more
Interactive Online Exhibition Platform Read more
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