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Yousician is a platform where users can learn play the guitar, piano, bass, ukulele or singing through their app. Read more
Invoice service for entrepreneurs / freelancers without companies. Read more
B2B Crisis Communication Platform Read more
A one stop platform for managing rental properties linking different holiday rental services so that property owners can manage them easily Read more
Developer of an online platform intended to offer fair cash offers for real estate properties. Read more
Corporate Coronavirus Tracker Read more
Learning tool for modern teams Read more
Map Creator™ A mapping app for smartphones Use IndoorAtlas Map Creator™ – an easy-to-use mobile application – to create magnetic maps for the buildings added through IndoorAtlas Floor Plans™. Map part of a floor, the complete floor or even multiple floors. To create a magnetic map, just open your floor plan in Map Creator™, mark a planned path on the screen and walk it! Map Creator™ seamlessly connects with IndoorAtlas Maps™. Finally, create your location-awareness application using the IndoorAtlas Maps API. The IndoorAtlas Map Creator™ is currently available for Android. Read more
Klevu Oy is a self-learning search engine that helps online retailers turn visitors into customers. Read more
Freska is the leading and fastest growing home services technology company in Northern Europe. We offer the best solution for today’s consumer in finding a personal, trustworthy cleaner. Read more
Real-Time COVID Medication Tracker Read more
App for after sales of restaurant food Read more
Keep your events thriving during coronavirus Read more
Frosmo is a software and a service that helps you to stand-out at the market to create and discover your site style and increase your sales conversions. Frosmo is a unique combination of individual level personalization and online advertising. Frosmo allows you to create your own rules and approach to UX, product recommendations and advertising. We have customers from travel, apparel, electronics, consumer services, classified ads and gaming. Read more
Creating modern consumer experiences by remodelling the recreational rental industry. Read more
Uniqul is the world’s first face recognition payment system. It enables customers to pay without having a wallet, card or mobile phone, all while reducing transaction times to seconds. You can use all the major credit cards when registering a payment method on your Uniqul account. Uniqul gives merchants the chance to know its customers – leading to a more personalized and enjoyable shopping experience. We are using military grade algorithms to make sure that the security of our system is impeccable. We have developed a user friendly interface and made the system easy to use. All of this comes down to a user experience which consists of a user merely clicking “Ok” on our tablet. In the background our algorithms are processing your biometrical data to find your account in our database as you are approaching the cashier. The whole transaction will be done in less than 5 seconds – the time it usually takes you to pull out your wallet. Read more
Service Automatics produce self-service products for car rental industry for customer service automation. Read more
Food payment and delivery service Read more
The world's first ever MaaS solution, Whim, was launched in Helsinki Region at the end of 2016, and more areas followed in 2017. MaaS is a carefree, environmentally sound alternative to owning a car. It works out the best option for every journey - whether that's a taxi, public transport, a car service or a bike share. Read more
Covid-19 Risk Assessment tool for Workplaces Read more
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