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The UK's National Health Service launched its own counter-disinformation unit, to fight against false claims on the coronavirus. Read more
Networking Service For Medical Professionals Read more
Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) is a statutory body. We have 20+ companies to offer ready and developing solutions across Air Purification, Diagnostic, Drug Discovery, Indoor Navigation, New Treatment, Real-time Monitoring, Sanitization & Thermal Imaging. Read more
Map of education providers' responses and needs Read more
AlayaCare has released a mobile-platform COVID-19 screener that gives front-line workers a tool to assess risk before they provide home and community-based services to elderly and patients who are most vulnerable. Read more is a cloud platform for patients, doctors, clinics, medical organizations, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and lead generators to exchange medical data and make appointments. Read more
Aplanet Community is a cloud-based solution for organizations to manage their volunteering & donations programs. We've made it free to all organizations or collectives who want to organize online volunteering and donations initiatives that tackle COVID19 in their communities. Read more
Outbreak prediction platform for Covid-19 Read more
Developed by chatbot platform, Bot Ban Hang of Chatbot Vietnam JSC, Ytebot is a real time chatbot on Facebook that keeps updating useful information related to the coronavirus pandemic for people in the world based on trustful sources. Especially, different from website and other sources, it is really easy for people to track information and the chatbot is easy to be duplicated among many different accounts. Read more
VisionLabs video analytics system Read more
DocClub is an interactive platform for the professional development of a doctor, which aims to help doctors become the best practicing specialists in Russia and provide them with the necessary tools for professional growth. Read more
Supporting college students through tough situations Read more
Communication & Patient Engagement Platform Read more
Homecare management, pharmacy, map, diary Read more
We are using localized audio messages that can be spread through WhatsApp or solar-powered audio players to reach out to marginalized populations with vital information about the corona virus. Read more
GeoCTRL is a marketing and advertising startup that provides businesses with real-time audience information to generate insights on traffic around a business. For COVID-19, they have created, a source of local trusted information for all countries. This website provides information regarding COVID-19. Read more
The Igloolab platform is a robust solution made up of innovative digital tools. They developed a collaborative application that can be used by leathcare workers to share knowledge from anywhere.  Read more
DocCard is a platform for training and exchange of experience for doctors. Read more
Information about COVID-19 clinical trials Read more
Using Behavioral Science and SMS to Send COVID-19 Education to the Masses Read more
Multi-Linguial Covid-19 Infection Triage Tool Read more
Verified AI Video Library for Covid-19 Read more
COVID-19 information app for relatives Read more
Defusor aims to detect harmful content ranging from fabricated news to deliberate disinformation, biased propaganda, hate speech and viral misinformation during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, both on Facebook and on online Media. Read more
CommunitySOS is a platform connecting those who need Covid-19 supplies with those who have them. To allow people to find each other in times of need. Also being used by volunteer groups and agencies to help with the crisis. Read more
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