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HiJiffy - Chatbots for hotels in Facebook Messenger Read more
SeaBookings is the website to book the best watersports and boat tours. Read more
Alfredo is a business suite platform for real estate professionals, designed to save you time and money. Join the 10 000+ customers on Alfredo AI. Read more
NomadX, at its core, is a European housing marketplace developed to meet the needs of the rapidly growing community of slow traveling remote workers and digital nomads. Read more
Delivery-first kitchens housing the most exciting restaurants in town. Read more
Online ordering e-platform with zero commissions Take control of your business through an all-inclusive e-service platform - with delivery partner integration, social media marketing, consumer analytics and much more. Read more
MUB cargo is the fastest and easiest way to deliver products anytime, anywhere, at the lowest prices. Read more
MobiQueue offers remote queue and remote service (video call) for avoiding people agglomerations and unnecessary displacements to fight coronavirus propagation. This service is now free to help people during the crisis. Read more
Relocated Healthcare Professionals Support Read more
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