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Rappi is a Latin-American company and the first SuperApp in the region providing online delivery services Read more
Peewah is the event platform that helps you make events successful, while providing a memorable experience for your attendees. Read more
Offers financial services to SMBs in Colombia Read more
Tpaga is a payment solution for unbanked consumers in Latin America Read more
Liftit is a logistics company that connects providers of cargo transportation services with companies and individuals. Read more
Temperature monitoring thermographic cameras Read more
Viajala offers 2 main products: -a flight metasearch engine which aggregates airlines, low cost carriers and online travel agencies. -a lodging metasearch engine (currently in development) which will aggregate hotel and private rooms from online travel agencies, hotels websites and online marketplaces. We focus on local travel suppliers of latin america, most of which are not integrated in the established online travel agencies, metasearch websites and global distribution systems. Read more
Venture with Impact organizes accommodation, workspace, and volunteer experiences for intrepid professionals who live and travel in a country abroad for one month or longer. Read more
MUNCHER is a Latam food-tech fast growing start-up, providing kitchen spaces & creates virtual restaurant brands of its own. Read more
Progressus is a telehealth platform for mental health services with the goal of achieving users fulfullment and maximum potential transfoming their lives through the right attitudes and thoughts. Read more
Logistics platform specialized in storage and inventory management. Read more
Ekilibrio is a brand that gives you tools to transform your life and achieve greater well-being, greater life balance, more focus, better stress and emotion management. Read more
Grupo Logra is a leading solutions provider for companies in the logistics and industrial sectors. Read more
The Igloolab platform is a robust solution made up of innovative digital tools. They developed a collaborative application that can be used by leathcare workers to share knowledge from anywhere.  Read more
Loopa allows users to earn programming through interactive courses Read more
TDX Inicio is a virtual medical services in the area of radiology that provides timely diagnoses Read more
Tingo is an online language learning platform focused on creating programs that are fully tailored to the needs and interests of the companies and to customizable curricular plans so that its employes learn languages quickly, practically and with results. Read more
WeKall is a cloud based communications service that empowers hundreds of companies in the delivery of their customer experience. Read more
Escapar is a flight metasearch website for LATAM, it operates in Colombia, Chile and Peru. Escapar allows travellers to save time and money when searching flight tickets. Escapar simultaneously searches airlines and online travel agencies’ websites to collect fare and availability information. Escapar aggregates, filters, sorts and presents results in an easy way to help the consumer find the flight that best suit his needs. Customers are redirected to the provider's page to complete their purchase without the need of re-entering the query and with no additional fees. Escapar is now developing its own hotel metasearch (at the moment we have a white-labelled solution) to extend the Escapar experience to hotels and capitalize on the high margins of the sector. We have the opportunity to include other verticals like holiday packages, cruises and car rental in the future. Read more
A digital community that connects suppliers and microcomerants, transforming the traditional channel. Read more
Intellot is a property management and analysis platform that lets brokers and project developers organize their communications and property documentation. With a built in google map viewer, Intellot lets project developers understand their properties and their surrounding. Intellot is being developed in partnership with Jaguar Capital Colombia, a real estate development firm. The tool is currently being used by Jaguar Capital´s staff in order to evaluate and manage properties being considered for real estate investments. Read more
Geo-location Platform Virus Tracker Read more
Mapping of Digital Health Programs Read more
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