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Shot in the arm vaccine for Covid -19 Read more
Zip Pay is a friendly, interest-free payment solution for everyday spending, and Zip Money is great for life's bigger buys. Read more
Shippit is a simple shipping platform that takes the guesswork out of delivery. Read more
LawPath is a one-stop shop for individuals and small businesses with legal issues. LawPath is an online user / lawyer matchmaking platform, generating qualified leads for lawyers who pay to list in a lawyer directory, AND LawPath is a low-cost online legal document template store for users. Read more
Soho is an online marketplace that connects people to a real estate community. Read more
Rapid Self Test, suitable for ages 2+ years Read more
CartonCloud is an easy-to-use (TMS) transport management system and (WMS) warehouse management system with a mission of making complicated logistics, simple. Transforming the way businesses operate, CartonCloud is a logistics software solution designed with one primary goal in mind - to streamline your workflow so your business can accomplish more. No more long hours spent allocating jobs and filing. No more worrying about lost product or not having total control over your stock. No more having to turn down work from your customers because you can't handle an increase in your workload. As an integrated transport management system and warehouse management system, with CartonCloud, you'll have access to the features your business requires to finally get ahead. Specifically designed for the SME 3PL Industry, CartonCloud is perfect for businesses who store, pick-pack and deliver good on behalf of their clients. Read more
HealthMatch created Clinical Trials Tracker with visualisations that are dynamically updated from global clinical trial registries. This page is provided as a free resource both for research institutions and the general public Read more
Connecting Global Travellers amid Virus Read more
Our unique site allows anyone to create and manage a home swap circle for their community, their friends and their friends of friends or even a public network for anyone to join. Users can list their properties in any number of circles, attracting more offers for swaps. People Like Us is free to use and available now. Read more
Typefi—the world’s only single-source publishing platform that fully integrates print, online and mobile production in a seamless end-to-end automated workflow. Read more
Loopz lets merchants create a closed loop payment program for their business, event or venue. Value is stored on an RFID card that can be used to pay for items at a mobile phone or tablet with the Loopz Point of Sale app. Merchants can manage their payment program online; check metrics, reports and usage. They can customize the cards with their brand and order them. Participants can enroll in a payment program through a mobile app, sms or at the merchant's venue. The physical card is delivered to the participant on site or through mail. Topping up a card can be done through the participant app or at a merchant POS. The value and transaction history is stored on the card and is synchronized to the cloud when a card is read. This means that the merchant can still operate the program even when there is no internet connectivity. Read more
Scenic Flights on Helicopters, Fixed-Wing Planes and Ballooning Read more
Drive Yello helps businesses efficiently manage last mile logistics so they can meet the ever-increasing demand for same day delivery. Read more
Quipmo is the surf, bike and snow peer to peer gear rental marketplace! Read more
Dishing out the worlds recipes by making them instantly shoppable in three simple steps. Read more
UrbanYou is Australia’s Leading online Marketplace for On-demand Home Services! Read more
Innovation is what The Fleet Office does best. Software programs that talk directly to the trackers to make tasks such as completing a pre-start and creating work orders now able to be done electronically, more importantly on mobile platforms. We have found solutions to jobs that were once inefficient, cumbersome and inaccurate. Read more
Medicsen is an app learns from your routine and automatically settles the recipes and physical activities that best suit you in order to keep healthy. It will recommend them at your predefined times, but you can also ask for them whenever you want. Read more
We connect customers, in need of a delivery, with independent truck/van operators. Read more
Humans gauge physical space in relation to the self in three dimensions. However, the only information available online when inspecting a property is passive 2D content; B&W blueprints, photos & video. These forms of media fail to accurately depict what a home, office or venue is physically like and as a consequence, homebuyers heavily rely on time consuming physical inspections. Scann3d create highly detailed and realistic 3D models of interior spaces, allowing users to gain an accurate and immersive impression of what any interior space is truly like. This will help agents provide a superior service when selling property and will help buyers refine which properties they would like to physically inspect. Primarily, our customers are real estate agents who pass the cost on to homeowners as a marketing expense when selling their property. Secondly, we provide these services to venues and businesses that wish to promote their space or take measurements using our software tools. Read more
Low-cost, electricity-free oxygen concentrator Read more
The Clinician enables the management of patient-generated health data outside traditional clinical settings and help replace manual inefficient processes with digitally-enabled care pathways. Read more
Calmer Kids offers educational support and resources designed to give children, parents, teachers and early educators the tools to apply yoga and mindfulness practice to every day life. Read more
Cérge is a online platform that promotes contactless click & collect, contactless phone & collect or pop up drive through services such as grocery and food deliveries Read more
Well Revolution is a telehealth platform which allows you to chat with your doctor online, get prescriptions delivered, see your medical records and much more. Read more
Bloombox Co creates a flower distribution system by connecting flower growers and buyers. Read more
KargoLogic is an online open platform looking to connect owner drivers (trucks, vans, utes) and shippers (clients) directly to facilitate the delivery of goods in real time while providing tracking, tracing, analytics and reporting as a value add. Overall we are building a trusted community of owner drivers and shippers. KargoLogic optimises the unused capacity of the commercial vehicles and enable owner drivers to work directly with shippers, instead of leveraging brokers and contractors where margins are chewed mostly. Owner drivers can select the deliveries suited to them and make more money in addition to their existing loads they may be carrying. Shippers will benefit by having reputable carriers and owner drivers with vast variety of commercial vehicles available via single platform and industry standard rates. A simple three steps process will have deliveries assigned and moving in no time while removing inefficiencies, overheads and reducing paper work. Read more
Didgigo Tell your story better in more places Create, Optimise and Market your Visual and Descriptive Content. Your Problem: Your Visual and Descriptive Content’s Appeal shrinks through Distribution. Your Challenge: Content, in all its shapes and forms, is core to everything we do as marketers in tourism. Optimizing all types of content, both on-site and off-site, and across a range of different formats and devices, is absolutely critical to driving sales and brand loyalty. Being able to reach customers in their environment requires continual optimization, which includes bringing new channels in the mix. Your Solution: Didgigo centralises and simplifies your content management and sharing allowing you to tell your story better in more places. Manage, Present and understand your Content’s Impact. Read more
It's a free New Zealand moving company comparison site. Customers submit their info once and receive up to 5 quotes from professional movers in their area. Read more
Rentdesk is an online platform helping landlords with recordkeeping, managing rent, tenant requests, and regulatory compliance, letting owners focus on engaging with their tenants. For vacant properties, owners can also list their rental property and onboard new tenants. Read more
OzDebt automates, resolves and finalizes your outstanding debts. Your debt cannot be ignored! Read more
PromisePay provides a way for people, businesses and online marketplaces to transact on goods or services using a safe and secure escrow payment platform either directly through the PromisePay website, or integrating seamlessly into websites via an API. We believe that marketplaces, where buyers and sellers don’t necessarily know or trust each other, are able to widen their offer and allow transactions where both parties can be protected. Getting paid is one of the biggest problems businesses and individuals face. PromisePay was created to stop the increasing amount of late or unpaid invoices and businesses being left high and dry. In 2012, 64% of small businesses in the US had unpaid invoices owed to them for over 60 days, and 20% of them say it’s getting worse. At the same time consumers are at constant risk of online fraud, receiving poor quality services or not at all. By using PromisePay both sides of an agreement have control over their money and deliverables. Read more
AI Enabled Bi-Weekly COVID Updates Read more
Health data aggregation, analysis, visualization Read more
Data Visualisation Platform for Coronavirus Read more
CT education tool for COVID-19 diagnosis Read more
Crowd-sourced news platform for coronavirus Read more
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