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isibit is a platform for managing/overseeing business travel, focusing on companies in Latin America. Read more
This is a CRM for real estate agencies. Our CRM works with the administration of realtors, properties, clients, tasks and calendars for a real estate agency. The realtor can make a follow up for a property or a client. With those follow ups the CRM can generate reports for the owner of a property to know how his property is being marketed or advertised for selling. Also the owner of the real estate agency can keep track of the work of every realtor by printing the report for that person. The system also has an inventory of available properties in market which is being fed by the real estate asociations in real time. This CRM works also as a web page catalogue since all the properties can appear with personalized data. The CRM will have a notification module where one can choose how to be notified. The CRM will have also a module for social network between real estate agencies. The CRM is ment to be a SaaS platform and can work flawlessly on any mobil device. Read more
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