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ChargeBee delivers Subscription Billing Infrastructure for online applications. Integrated readily with to 30+ popular payment gateways and takes the pain away from gateway lock-ins and provides the ability to transact via multiple gateways. With ChargeBee, businesses can spend less time worrying about billing and more about getting customers. Our API & documentation is one of the best and our customers love it. Check it out here: Read more
WinHMS is the hotel management software which was created and published by winsar infosoft. We have different set of software which can suites with all hotel areas such booking, reservation, payroll and so on. WinHMS is our authorized product of hotel management software. We have different set of software which can suites with all hotel areas such booking, reservation, payroll and so on. Our company is offering three type of property management system based on the hotel size which is WinHMS express, WinHMS Professional and WinHMS enterprise. Like wise we offer the following software WinHMS express - Small hotels and resorts software WinHMS Professional - Medium hotels and resorts software WinHMS enterprise - Large and international hotels software WinMMS - Material Management system WinPOs - Point of sales software WinCRS _ Central reservation system WinMIS - Management information system WinHms booking engine WinClub - Club software Read more is a real estate website where you can find properties and new projects in India and also you can find Buyers and Tenants all around the world for your Indian real estate business. It appears to be similar with other real estate portal but it works beyond other’s portal. Yes! We are not only motivating the sellers to list their properties/projects to buyers/tenants to search, but also we are motivating the Buyers/Tenants to list their requirements to sellers to search and communicate with the buyers/tenants directly from the site This site is not for everybody to navigate; only the registered member can view the full details of the property/project and establish the communication with seller/buyer/tenant. Yes! We are very much concerned about the quality of leads and not about the number of hits. Read more
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