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Payment wall's portfolio includes several financial projects operating in different countries and performing functions ranging from processing to a gateway for merchant accounts (Brick, PayAlto, SpiderPipe, Offerwall, and others). Читать далее
When you start a journey, you'd like to travel more for less. That'€™s why we started Hotelscan. Hotelscan is a search service for keen travelers who want to find the lowest prices for the best hotels and make the right decisions. Before, you would desperately hop from one site to another, hunting for hotel deals to save $50 or more. Now Hotelscan does this job for you, finding available hotels and comparing prices from all major booking websites. There is a pinch of coding magic in our search algorithm, so you can pick hotels by cities, streets, addresses, hotel names and even landmarks. Enter your destination and our service will scan available hotels in a glimpse of an eye. Compare hotel prices from more than 30 travel websites and save up to 70%. So why stay in a cramped motel when you can afford a luxury hotel at discounted rates? Say no to mysterious hotel fees or hidden city taxes. Hotelscan does all the math for you and uses only final prices. Читать далее
We are a marketplace for long term rental. Our main aim is to connect landlords with tenants without agents in a safe way. Читать далее
Dine wait free at restaurants you love. Live in NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, Houston, Boston, Seattle, Austin, San Jose, Las Vegas & more. Читать далее
Getsocio is an evolving platform, which hosts and powers dozens of daily deal sites all over the world. Running on the 3rd version of Rails, it is extremely flexible and highly customizable, allowing to create and launch a fully white-label social commerce web site fast and at no upfront cost. Читать далее
LookSize is a new, revolutionary online one click fit and size solution for the fashion e-commerce stores that solve these problems. The buyer click on the My SIZE button and the system Filters all the products by the buyer's size. Читать далее
API2Cart is an online solution that provides single API to perform integration with 30+ shopping carts including such industry leaders like Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart and others. Easily retrieve, add, update, delete and sync all needed information from the customers' stores and integrate it with your business soft. Читать далее
ORTY enables restaurants to be always online with their guests. Providing CRM, coupons and loyalty program, we return personalization to routine relationships of food business and its diners. Читать далее
Compare the prices of particular products or entire carts in the application to determine the optimal shop for you nearby. Читать далее
MageCloud hosting includes for everything you need to launch your Magento online store. You can quickly deploy your Magento server. You do not need to worry about installing and managing your server. We optimize your Magento Store to load faster than your competitors, so you can focus on your business. Читать далее
World is cheaper than you think. And you should explore it. Crazzzy Travel is a website for budget travelers telling how me and my wife saw 33 countries with around 20$ / day in our pockets. Читать далее
SellerSkills is a full-service software for small and medium-sized eCommerce sellers. We provide an acute instrument for you to manage your inventory and be in full control of your sales. Читать далее
Go To-U is a booking platform for electric vehicle chargers. We enable you to go further, by providing visibility on available chargers, and access to facilities and services while charging. Читать далее
"Tradecloud is the leading supply chain platform for manufacturing and wholesale companies. Buyers and Suppliers rely on Tradecloud to make their global supply chain predictable and increase margins. Читать далее
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