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Nezasa makes the planning and booking of premium travel packages easier than ever before. Our platform allows a travel agent to sell more attractively, more competitively and more efficiently. On Nezasa, you can choose among a set of suggested travel routes put together by destination experts. Based on these suggestions, you can start adjusting the itinerary to your personal needs by changing the duration of stays, choosing a different hotel, adding or removing activities, or adjusting transfer options. The Nezasa system makes sure that the itinerary always makes sense and prevents the user from putting together schedules that won't be feasible in practice. All the changes are instantly priced and all processes are highly automated. Our main customers travel agents, to whom we provide a tool that makes it much cheaper and more efficient for them to sell tailor-made itineraries. Additionally, our platform is also B2C-capable, which gives us full omni-channel capabilities. Читать далее
Online and mobile based payment solution created for developers with a set of clean and flexible APIs. SecurionPay redefines mobile & online credit card processing for high and low-risk merchants. We believe that payment processing can be simple, clean and easy. We did all the heavy work to make it happen. Our mission is to keep developers relaxed and shop owners focused on their products and services. This is why we took care of every aspect of the billing process to give them more freedom and save their time. We have built an amazing set of APIs capable of handling every payment experience, product or business model you can find. We have created a platform that redefines flexibility and robustness. We added powerful tools and features like SecurionPay Checkout and Login or Adjustable Fraud Prevention Suit to offer the most complete payment experience for everyone. Читать далее
Base7booking.com is a PMS (Property Management System) created by hoteliers for hoteliers. It is an online, web-based software that allows hoteliers to manage their hotel anywhere, anytime, and from any device that has internet access. The name « Base7booking » comes from the hotel « Le Bourg 7 » in Lutry for which it was created in 2008. Base7booking.com is user friendly, fast, and can be entirely personalized by the end user. This ultimately saves a great deal of time and training for the end user. Base7booking.com also eases the management of hotels' revenues due to the integration of a two-way channel manager. Читать далее
Viselio offers digitalization of boring visa process. We provide sophisticated software tools which help you apply for your visa in a few clicks only. No time-consuming paperwork. No waiting in line. We do all that for you. Читать далее
CashSentinel is an escrow service created on purpose to bring you maximum trust and security when buying or selling a used car. It works anytime and anywhere, even on the weekend. CashSentinel can be used between private individuals as well as with selected professionals. Читать далее
Swisspod is developing energy-efficient Hyperloop systems using high-quality Swiss engineering. Читать далее
GenLots is an artificial intelligence company that discovered the optimal way to place an industrial company's orders through time, based on its material requirements. It minimizes supply chain costs, allowing up to 40% reduction on inventory values and order costs per material. Читать далее
GeoCTRL is a marketing and advertising startup that provides businesses with real-time audience information to generate insights on traffic around a business. For COVID-19, they have created https://covid19.geoctrl.com, a source of local trusted information for all countries. This website provides information regarding COVID-19. Читать далее
Platform for businesses to offer Gift Vouchers & sell Products online in the most easiest way. Most of the business don't have the budget and knowledge to create a system to sell vouchers and products online, with our platform it goes automatically. Most of the companies don't sell enough online to make the investment worth it. With Gift Voucher Kiosk platform: - you have no more headache - no technical knowledge needed - no investment - payouts even if the gift vouchers isn't redeemed - real time access to your Account , Client Base and Statistics A single platform that let you manage your vouchers and products online for free,in an easy and simple way. A platform created with the business and clients in mind. Читать далее
Traverz delivers Conversational Recommendation - a paradigm-shifting product search experience for e-commerce and marketplaces Читать далее
The Trip Boutique is your AI-powered personal travel advisor: custom-made city trips designed especially for you. Читать далее
Centi is a system that enables merchants to accept digital currency payments. Читать далее
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