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Humans gauge physical space in relation to the self in three dimensions. However, the only information available online when inspecting a property is passive 2D content; B&W blueprints, photos & video. These forms of media fail to accurately depict what a home, office or venue is physically like and as a consequence, homebuyers heavily rely on time consuming physical inspections. Scann3d create highly detailed and realistic 3D models of interior spaces, allowing users to gain an accurate and immersive impression of what any interior space is truly like. This will help agents provide a superior service when selling property and will help buyers refine which properties they would like to physically inspect. Primarily, our customers are real estate agents who pass the cost on to homeowners as a marketing expense when selling their property. Secondly, we provide these services to venues and businesses that wish to promote their space or take measurements using our software tools. Читать далее
KargoLogic is an online open platform looking to connect owner drivers (trucks, vans, utes) and shippers (clients) directly to facilitate the delivery of goods in real time while providing tracking, tracing, analytics and reporting as a value add. Overall we are building a trusted community of owner drivers and shippers. KargoLogic optimises the unused capacity of the commercial vehicles and enable owner drivers to work directly with shippers, instead of leveraging brokers and contractors where margins are chewed mostly. Owner drivers can select the deliveries suited to them and make more money in addition to their existing loads they may be carrying. Shippers will benefit by having reputable carriers and owner drivers with vast variety of commercial vehicles available via single platform and industry standard rates. A simple three steps process will have deliveries assigned and moving in no time while removing inefficiencies, overheads and reducing paper work. Читать далее
PromisePay provides a way for people, businesses and online marketplaces to transact on goods or services using a safe and secure escrow payment platform either directly through the PromisePay website, or integrating seamlessly into websites via an API. We believe that marketplaces, where buyers and sellers don’t necessarily know or trust each other, are able to widen their offer and allow transactions where both parties can be protected. Getting paid is one of the biggest problems businesses and individuals face. PromisePay was created to stop the increasing amount of late or unpaid invoices and businesses being left high and dry. In 2012, 64% of small businesses in the US had unpaid invoices owed to them for over 60 days, and 20% of them say it’s getting worse. At the same time consumers are at constant risk of online fraud, receiving poor quality services or not at all. By using PromisePay both sides of an agreement have control over their money and deliverables. Читать далее
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