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Real trends provides MercadoLibre's sellers with an awesome suite of tools to help them manage their account, thus making them sell more and reduce costs. Among these, real trends provides tools for answering questions faster, improving positioning and ranking, analyzing competition and managing operators. It also offers a real-time updated dashboard and real-time notifications. Hundreds of sellers are already taking advantage of the potential that real trends' tools offer them, answering their questions up to 20x faster, improving their listings' positioning, reducing costs, and selling more and more every day. Читать далее
Satoshi Tango exchanges bitcoins for argentinian pesos and offers merchants a new payment method for their customers, without dealing with technicalities and price volatility. Moreover, merchants don't even need to handle bitcoins: we receive the bitcoins and give them pesos, with 0% fee. Now argentinian businesses can give their customers the chance of paying through this amazing new technology. Читать далее
Moova is a technological platform that captures idle logistic capacity and transforms it into high efficiency and low cost shipping solutions. Читать далее
Web associative platform dedicated to setting up networks or pool of purchases of retailers (Family SME companies) and collaboration communities (digital cooperativism). Читать далее
AgentBot is an automatic customer service solution through digital channels. The virtual agent recognizes, interprets and answers customer’s inquiries, creating an interactive dialogue between the company and the users, without waiting time, 24/7 and with a lower cost than human attention. AgenBot centralizes the knowledge in a single reference source and integrates other applications to accomplish precise responses. AgentBot is very simple to be managed and updated. Thanks to the analytics tool companies can collect valuable information to increase client’s satisfaction and sales. Читать далее
IncreaseCard simplifies merchants’ cash flow and income management. As the emerging leader in payment analytics, IncreaseCard enables you to gather and organize all your incomes and payments information in a simple, smart and secure calendar. By pulling the information directly from sales terminals, businesses will be able to easily check when and how much they will get paid in real time. Starting from Buenos Aires we are working to improve Latin America’s GDP by making small businesses more productive. Читать далее
Properati.com is a real estate market place for Latam that provides insightful data to help users take better decisions. Читать далее
Technological platform that consolidates information of a deceased person (banks, financial institutions, credit cards, etc.) and performs the corresponding formalities (cancellations, changes of ownership, etc.). The management is totally virtual, ideal for pandemic times. Читать далее
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Глобальный рейтинг инноваций по борьбе с коронавирусом (города)

Представляем топ-60 стран и топ-160 городов-лидеров по внедрению инноваций по борьбе с COVID-19.Узнать больше
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