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TicketingHub is a ticketing platform with an App Store for attractions, tours and activities (referred to as “suppliers” or “destination services”). Think of TicketingHub as a extendable set of lego bricks that piece together to form a perfectly customised service. Creating an enterprise ecosystem of software that integrates seamlessly with each other, providing real value to the supplier. Suppliers can pick-and-choose individual services to suit their immediate needs. Slowly this will expand to encompass their entire distribution network and business operations. Currently resellers sell paper vouchers which can’t be officially verified by the supplier. As such they are being photocopied, stolen and re-used. The only thing protecting the reseller industry from collapsing is consumer ignorance to this flaw. Next time you buy a ticket for the London Eye; buy it from an online reseller, photocopy it 5 times and take your family in for free.
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