Coronavirus Innovation Map

Global map of solutions created in response to Covid-19 with rankings of top innovative locations. Read more here



Connect entrepreneurs with the aid they need


Creativity is life grants.

Kuda Bank

Online Banking To Combat COVID-19


Connecting VCs and Startups aganist COVID

Corona Support

Find Eligible Government Applications

Enterprise Ireland

Sustaining Enterprise Fund

National Government of Hong Kong

Cash Aid for all Citizens

Enterprise Singapore

Stabilization and Support Package

Cad Crowd

Coronavirus 3D Printed Product Contest

CoVent Challenge

Coronavirus ventilator challenge

The Bulb Africa

Finding lasting healthcare solutions

Administration for Community Living

Critical Relief Funds for COVID-19


Grants to responsiveness for COVID-19


Solutions for COVID-19 Echo Period

Queen's University

COVID-19 research funding

Tufts University

COVID-19 Rapid Response Seed Funding

U.S Embassy Quinto

Funding for Economic Innovation

African Leadership University

Alibaba GET Global Challenge 2020


Funding for startups tackling covid-19

Call for Code Global Challenge

Call for Code Global challenge

Fast Grants

Fast Funding for COVID-19 Science

Startup Luxembourg

Development of Innovations against COVID-19

Smarter than Corona

Online Design-Thinking Sprint

Ministry of Finance and the Public Service

Program for Workers and Businesses

Save My SME

Helping SMEs amid COVID-19

Maryland Commerce

Emergency Relief Grant Fund

City and County of San Francisco

Small Business Resiliency Fund

City of Boston Arts and Culture

Boston Artist Relief Fund

National Geographic

COVID-19 Emergency Fund for Journalists

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Novo Nordisk COVID-19 Grant

Our Community Foundation

Birmingham Strong Fund

Central European Initiative

COVID-19 Call for Proposals

Peace First

COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants

The Bret Adams and Paul Reisch Foundation

Response Grant Lottery

Global Rankings of Cities on Coronavirus Innovation

We are celebrating 32 countries and 80 cities that lead the innovation against Covid-19. Toggle between Cities/Countries ranking. Download PDF here

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