Coronavirus Innovation Map

Global map of solutions created in response to Covid-19 with rankings of top innovative locations. Read more here


Kenyatta University

Homegrown Affordable Ventilators

Shule Direct

Digital access to learning content

Penda Health

Telehealth Consultations in Kenya

The Innovation Village

Knock-down Innovation Challenge

Rocket Health

Telemedicine Solution

Takataka Plastics

Recycled plastic face shields


Network of Amblulances

Response Innovation Lab

Rapid Covid-19 mass communication

Healthy Entrepreneurs

Health products and services to hard-to-reach populations

One Family Health

Affordable care to underserved communitities


Cloud-based Healthcare Management Solutions


Emergency Response System


Digital Learning Platform for Students

Increased emergency services

School 2 Go

Powering contactless education

Afya Rekod

All-around COVID-19 app


Household handwashing device

Baobab Circle

Live Consultations With Local Physicians

African Leadership University

Alibaba GET Global Challenge 2020

Save My SME

Helping SMEs amid COVID-19


COVID-19 Risk Assessment tool

Ethiopia Covid19 Response Team

Developers Against COVID-19

Global Rankings of Cities on Coronavirus Innovation

We are celebrating 32 countries and 80 cities that lead the innovation against Covid-19. Toggle between Cities/Countries ranking.

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