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In 9 years of throwing events for up to 3000 people, one thing I’ve learnt is that everyone hates bar lines. They suck for attendees and bars hate them as well because they harm their revenue and reputation. FastBar solves this problem with a unique, cashless payment solution that’s quicker than anything else on the market. For example completing a transaction with credit card and Square takes about 45 seconds. Paying with FastBar takes less than 1 second – over 45 times quicker. Attendees register their credit cards, similar to Uber, and pay with a wristband at the point of sale. We automatically close them out at the end of the night. Attendees get their drinks quicker, never wait in line to close out their tab and never leave their credit card behind. Bars improve revenue by 15-30%, reduce labor cost by 16% and gain unprecedented person-level analytics, enabling them to operate more effectively.
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